Inclusive Society through Engineering

Toward an inclusive society where anyone can benefit from technological innovation


Japan has many accumulations of world-class technology.
Through collaboration with industry, the University of Tokyo tackles challenges to produce research results that transform the world and foster human resources capable of proactively approaching social problems.

New forms of collaboration and fusion between different academic fields are essential to solving many societal issues humanity faces.
The University of Tokyo Research Institute for an Inclusive Society through Engineering (RIISE) is a transdisciplinary organization of the University's seven departments. We work with the industry to design an "ideal future vision" for an inclusive society. We combine the core technologies of each of our seven departments with this vision and dynamically establish laboratories that act as joint research centers with private companies and others. Through long-term social cooperation, we engage in research and education to realize our vision.

The University of Tokyo's Research Institute for an Inclusive Society through Engineering (RIISE) is comprised of the following departments: Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Institute of Industrial Science, and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.
  • Social Collaboration

    * Promote social collaboration to facilitate game-changing solutions by integrating engineering and information studies approaches as a "one-stop organization" dedicated to realizing visions of the future that will significantly transform society.

  • Research

    * Engage in game-changing cross-disciplinary research to realize an inclusive society.
    * Create new academic value by deepening and advancing the core technologies generated by each academic discipline.

  • Education

    * Systematize methods of analysis and thinking that contribute to providing fundamental solutions to social problems.
    * Foster internationally innovative human resources who can proactively solve social problems and play a role in academic and industrial development.

About Joint Research

In the Research Program, researchers from companies are invited to the University of Tokyo as Co-Researchers based on a joint research agreement. Together with the Project Professors of the Research Program, Co-Researchers can promote joint research and development.

Research will be conducted jointly for three to five years. A laboratory will be established as a joint research base with an annual budget of 20 million yen or more, employing full-time researchers and acquiring new technologies and business ideas relevant to common public issues.

Please see "For companies wishing to conduct joint research"(* Japanese) for more information.