Next Generation Knit Innovation Research Program

Joint research with SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

Toward a future where everyone can enjoy the next generation of sustainable fashion

Joint research with SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

  • Full digitalization of design
  • Advanced and on-demand productio
  • Construction of a waste-free circulation system


Throughout the ages, clothing has been inextricably linked to people's daily lives and has continued to evolve, deeply intertwined with culture and history. With the dramatic rise of technology and the growing awareness of sustainability as a unified global effort to address social issues, there is a demand for the apparel industry to create next-generation clothing with the utmost consideration for the environment, economy and society, from production to consumption.
RIISE promotes research and development of design systems using AI and VR technologies, advanced and high-speed knitting and next-generation knitwear materials, with the aim of contributing to society through innovation by developing new knitting technologies and creating next-generation clothing.

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